Noted by Adam Turnbull


Draw, write, doodle, collage….Noted encourages you to use the medium to express yourself in a way that is distinctly yours.

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Adam Turnbull started documenting his creative ideas on any piece of paper that inspired him: a photograph, a postcard, an envelope… When he began binding these pieces in small books, he discovered that the “canvas” he originally used helped shape more concepts. And so Noted came to life: an interactive journal that features an array of images of things on which to record ideas, from letterhead or a guest check to the palm of the hand, a napkin, or a matchbook.

Along with striking images of common items, Noted encourages interaction with subtle, open-ended, and random prompts, facts, and quotes. The results will be as unique as your own experiences . . . A blank matchbook may become the canvas for a restaurant logo. A brick wall could elicit a rendering of street art, a piece of fiction about the Berlin Wall, or a political message for the masses.

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